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Firstly, we would like to dispel the myth about Accountants...
We aren’t just number crunchers!

Whilst of course we deal with preparing Annual Accounts and Tax Returns at Parrott & Parrott we offer a far broader range of services designed to suit the individual requirements of our clients.


The practice traces its roots back to the late 1940’s when Messrs Couch and Bright setup a partnership following their de-mob from the RAF after the second world war. The practice was based in West London and attracted a variety of clients from the home counties and London. We do in fact today have several client companies who we
still deal with dating back to that time, albeit under different ownership. The practice flourished and following the passing of Mr Bright in 1960 Mr Couch sought a new partner, and in 1961 Brian Parrott was appointed to Couch Bright & co.

The practice specialised in providing accountancy and taxation services to owner managed companies and businesses and during the late 1960’s and early 1970’s the firm grew considerably with branch offices being opened in the home counties to cope with the increasing number of clients.

During the mid 1970’s the practice took over Stanley King and Co. a central London based partnership and moved its central operation from Uxbridge to the West End of London. The practice continued to thrive with many new London based clients being added to the portfolio. The businesses looked after by the firm ranged from Manufacturing Jewellers to Smithfield Meat Traders, Garden Centres to Boat and Yacht Brokers. By now Mr Couch had long ago retired and Brian Parrott headed up a four partner team, with around fifteen staff. The firm changed its name to Couch Bright King & Co. and we continue to have close links with this practice today.

In 1988 Brian decided to relocate his part of the practice in South Devon with a view to retiring from the profession a few years hence. This however was not to be as the South Devon operation grew considerably in a short space of time with the clients in that area benefiting from an experienced Central London accountant. The London and Home Counties clientele also expanded and in 1996 it became clear that Brian needed further help to manage these and the existing clients. Steve Parrott his son who had originally trained with Couch Bright King but had gone into the industrial sector and was at that time the Financial Controller of a UK wide group of companies, joined Brian in partnership, taking on the responsibility of the London and home counties clients, being based in that area. The partnership was re-named Parrott & Parrott.

During the next year or so and with the aid of the considerable leaps in information technology Steve moved his part of the business to Devon consolidating the staff and offices in Kingsbridge. During that time Steve’s wife Jackie became involved in the business running the firm’s book-keeping bureau and expanding the book-keeping services offered to local clients.

Brian eventually got his wish in 2001 and retired from the practice, he continues to share his wealth of knowledge built up over the last 50 years by acting as a consultant to the practice. After his retirement Jackie and Steve continued in partnership and in 2002 converted the partnership into a Limited company as it is today.